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Earth Celebrationとのコラボクラフトビールを開発・販売

Developing and selling craft beer in collaboration with Earth Celebration

t0ki brewery (Head office: 458 Kamo Utayo, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, Representative: Takahiro Fujiwara, Company name: Beer Pint Co., Ltd.) has released a collaboration craft beer "EC2" in commemoration of the outdoor festival "Earth Celebration" on Sado Island, with Atsuko Ogawa. We are pleased to inform you that we have developed and started selling this product.

About EC2

EC2 is short for Earth Celebration Craft. This is a White IPA created based on the recipe of SANOSUKE IPA previously released by t0ki brewery. We aimed for a refreshing finish that would be perfect for an outdoor music festival, where you can gulp while listening to the sound of drums. It has an ester aroma derived from Belgian yeast, a dry body, and a flavor that is not overpowering but definitely has a hint of citrus hops. The label was designed by Atsuko Ogawa, a painter and illustrator based on Sado Island.

About illustrators

Atsuko Ogawa

Born in Kodaira City, Tokyo, graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sociology. Fascinated by Sado Island, he moved there in 2021. He creates paintings using nature motifs such as flowers and birds. Last year, he released a collaboration beer with t0ki brewery called “SANOSUKE IPA” and provided the illustration for the label. The beer recipe was inspired by Mr. Ogawa's cockatiel Sanosuke, who has a rare white face, and created a cloudy Wheat IPA.


How the initiative came about

Since 2022, t0ki brewery has been planning and operating the event "Toki and Sake" to spread the delicious sake and gourmet food of Sado Island both inside and outside the island. This time, to commemorate the decision to participate in "Earth Celebration 2023" as "Toki and Sake", we have developed a collaborative craft beer. Members of the taiko performing arts group "Kodo" are participating in the brewing process.

EC2 was created not only for Earth Celebration visitors to enjoy at the venue, but also with the hope that it would be an opportunity for people outside the island to learn about Sado Island and experience its charms.

About Earth Celebration

This year marks the 36th year of this outdoor festival, which has a long history in Japan. This event has been held together with Sado City since 1988 with the aim of inviting artists and cultural figures that Kodo has met both domestically and internationally to Sado, and creating a new global culture. It is attracting attention from overseas as an international art festival where diverse cultures intersect in the rich nature of Sado Island.

About Toki and Sake

Starting in 2022, this is a sake and gourmet event with the theme of enjoying Sado Island. It is mainly managed by t0ki brewery and Hostel Perch, and is held in Sado Island, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hokkaido with the cooperation of various stallholders. In addition to sponsored events, we also set up shop at a wide variety of events on Sado Island, such as long rides and triathlons.

This store opening schedule
  • THE COSA: Yonezawa beef tendon curry using local Yonezawa beef tendon from Yamagata, etc.
  • KENGO COFFEE: Hand drip coffee, home-roasted coffee beans
  • Rice balls, soup and tea: rice balls, baked goods, drinks
  • TACOS BAR ADO: 3 types of Mexican tacos trained at a famous restaurant in Osaka
  • Meals: Luro rice, lemonade, craft cola made with ripe plums, etc.
  • Niigata Kameda Watago Sake Store: Homemade drinks, carefully selected sake
  • t0ki brewery: Earth Celebration collaboration beer, Echigohime IPA from Sado
  • perch: Summer vegetable open sandwich using T&M campagne, original sour

About Kodo

A group that discovers infinite possibilities in traditional music and performing arts centered around taiko drums, and attempts to recreate them for modern times. Since their debut at the Berlin Arts Festival in 1981, they have performed over 7,000 times in 53 countries and regions. In 1997, he established the Kodo Cultural Foundation, which is responsible for holding various workshops and planning and operating the international art festival "Earth Celebration."


About t0ki brewery

Sado Island's first microbrewery. Rather than brewing standard beer, they brew craft beers tailored to their specific tastes. From pure IPA that follows their style to collaboration beers with local producers and artists, they continue to take on the challenge of creating world-class craft beer from Sado Island.

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