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In this age where we can connect anywhere via the Internet, we want to cherish the connections we have with our loved ones and the moments that only come once.

Just as no two moments in life are the same, t0ki brewery is constantly changing. All beers are limited edition and can only be tasted at the particular Toki you visit.

Sadogashima is a beautiful island rich in nature where Japanese ibises also live. The ever-changing craft beer brewed there. Pursuing every drop that moisturizes every moment.



t0kibrewery mainly brews American-style craft beer.
We are committed to producing world-class craft beer on Sado Island, and are taking on various challenges.

t0kibrewery is evolving day by day, from IPA made purely according to style using high-quality ingredients, to Hazy IPA using rice malt made at a sake brewery on Sado Island, to collaborations with artists active on Sado Island and new culture. Masu.

We continue to produce craft beer at a small brewery in the Ryotsu district of Sado Island, hoping that our works will connect Sado Island and the world.


tap room
A place to immerse yourself in the structure.
A place to spend time with your loved ones.
We have prepared a place where everything is connected.

Terrace seats & BBQ
While looking at the scenery of Mt. Kinpoku, which provides water for brewing, and rice cultivation,
You can enjoy authentic BBQ on the terrace.

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Apr 25, 2024


みなさま、お待たせしました。新作リリースのお知らせです! 今回は好評のBlack IPAの新バージョン、そしてお米を使ったBlonde Aleです🍺タップで、缶で、ぜひお愉しみください! 業務用お取引をご希望の方は、お問い合わせ上部の...

Dec 3, 2023


12月営業日のお知らせ ついに2023年も師走に入りました。冬はおうちでまったり楽しむビールが美味しいですね。t0ki breweryは金曜16-20時、土日12-20時の営業です。併設タップバーにて立ち飲みも、お持ち帰りも可能です!...

Oct 7, 2023


t0ki breweryのクラフトビールが佐渡市ふるさと納税の返礼品に追加されました!※クラファン支援者へのお知らせもございます。 定期便や佐渡セットも 納税金額により、3回・6回定期便などもご用意しております!また、へんじんもっこ...

Oct 5, 2023




Oct 21, 2023

SHINRAがt0ki breweryとのコラボノンアルドリンクを開発・販売

東京でノンアルコールドリンクをプロデュースする「SHINRA」がt0ki breweryとコラボレーション。 佐渡島と山形県の飛島にしか咲かない花、トビシマカンゾウを使ったノンアルコールドリンク「Lily」を...

Oct 4, 2023


トキと酒実行委員会(所在地:新潟県佐渡市加茂歌代458、運営: t0ki brewery & Hostel perch)は、東京・東日本橋にて佐渡市との初コラボレーションとなるイベント「トキと酒 in 東京」を開催することと...

Aug 14, 2023

Developing and selling craft beer in collaboration with Earth Celebration

t0ki brewery has developed and started selling ``EC2'', a collaborative craft beer with Atsuko Ogawa, in commemoration of the outdoor festival ``Earth Celebration'' on Sado Island.
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