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About business transactions

For business transactions, please use this site.
Once you have created an account, please wait for approval as we will review your information here.

method of payment

Only credit card payments can be made through the business e-commerce site.

Order lot

Cans are purchased in units of 12 cans.
Draft kegs can be purchased starting from 1 keg.

Delivery charge

We will deliver directly to some areas on Sado Island and some areas in Niigata City free of charge. For other areas, we will use Yamato Transport's cool delivery service.

Product line-up

We have draft kegs and cans.
We only sell draft kegs to stores that have dedicated servers for craft beer.
Additionally, there are no standard products, and all products are seasonal.

External sales price

We offer cans starting from 500 yen and draft kegs starting from 1,000 yen/L. It will vary depending on the product.

Provision method and sales price

Basically, we leave it up to the store.
Generally, we sell it at a price of 7 times.

Permanent store

We are currently recruiting for a permanent store.
The only condition is that you always handle at least one type of liquid.
From here we will provide you with the following:

・Introduction on the official website (detailed information and introduction about the store will be posted)
・New product reservation information (2 weeks before general sale)
・Advance sale of new products (1 week before general sale)

We would appreciate it if you would consider opening a permanent store.
This is the store that is currently a permanent store.

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