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2021 review

hello everyone. Thank you for always using t0ki brewery!

Today, we have summarized t0ki brewery's main topics for 2021.

Crowdfunding goal achieved! 9/17 t0ki brewery taproom opens, ``Toki and Sake'' held, tank delivery completed, future activities on Sado Island, etc.

We'll look back on it with photos, so whether you've been to t0ki brewery or not yet, please take a look!

▼Crowdfunding goal achieved!

Sado sea

We started recruiting support for crowdfunding on July 30, 2021, and in the end, with the support of 412 people, we were able to raise 7,872,000 yen, and on September 10, 2021. Recruitment has ended. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us!

[August 1st: FIRST GOAL of 3 million yen achieved] Three days after we started recruiting, we achieved our FIRST GOAL of 3 million yen.

[August 16th: NEXT GOAL of 5 million yen achieved] Furthermore, on the 17th day after we started recruiting, we were able to achieve the NEXT GOAL of 5 million yen.

[September 10: Crowdfunding end date Achieved LAST GOAL of over 7 million yen] In the end, we ended with support of 7,872,000 yen.

▼9/17 t0ki brewery taproom open

The number of people visiting the store on the first day was 33. As of the time of writing this article (until December 19th), a total of 1297 customers have used the service.

colorful craft beer

Furthermore, we served 71 types of craft beer, and we are very happy to see that craft beer culture is gradually permeating Sado.

When I first came to t0ki brewery, I had customers who said, ``I've never drank craft beer that much before...'' but now they come to the store almost every week, and I'm surprised to hear that ``This will change the concept of beer!'' We had a lot of wonderful encounters with some customers.

I hope to be a place where I can meet many people next year as well.

▼Regular event “Toki and Sake” held

Sake and craft beer

The first event was held on October 23rd. Six popular shops on Sado Island participated in the event, which was enjoyed not only by adults but also by children.

Although most of the customers at t0ki brewery are adults, it was a really valuable opportunity to meet so many people from small children to the elderly at this event.

We will be holding the event again next year, so please look forward to it!

▼Tank delivery completed

The long-awaited tank loading was completed the other day. With the help of many people, we are finally ready to make craft beer.

brewing tank

The brewing tanks are equipment from a company called Premier Stainless Systems. The person in charge responded quickly and the communication was very smooth. The problem is that communication will be in English and PDT (American time), but you can also create a layout like this.

Factory layout diagram

The boiler is made by Miura and the chiller is made by Aspite. I communicated directly with Mr. Aspite, and the person in charge responded quickly and was very helpful.

This time, the delivery of the tanks was slower than originally reported because logistics from overseas had been halted due to the effects of the coronavirus. We apologize for keeping you waiting.

▼Future activities on Sado Island

In December, snow has fallen on Sado, and the number of days where the area is completely white is increasing. As the weather gets colder, there are fewer tourists on Sado in December, and people who live on Sado don't go out as much.

Aluminum can with original label

Preparations for brewing are progressing steadily, making use of the free time that is gradually increasing.

Currently, they are test brewing “American Pale Ale” based on “Pilsner Malt”. We plan to evolve from there and challenge West Coast IPA, East Coast IPA, White IPA, and Black IPA.

Also, I will try making craft beer using agricultural products from Sado once I am able to make simple and beautiful craft beer, so please wait.

▼About crowdfunding returns

Thank you to everyone who supported and cooperated with crowdfunding. Once again, thank you for your support of this project.

We apologize for the delay in shipping the return and for the delay in contacting everyone. I sincerely apologize.

Initially, we announced that the delivery would be in December 2021, but due to the coronavirus, the delivery of the brewing tank was delayed, resulting in an overall delay.

Our future plans are to proceed according to the schedule below.

Future plans

In addition, we will be making adjustments to the equipment, so it looks like we will be able to ship it to you around April.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who was looking forward to the return. We will contact you again as soon as the shipment is ready, so please wait for a while.

I'll put all my heart into making delicious craft beer, so I'd be happy if you could wait for me.


beer with sea background

Ever since we opened, I've always thought how happy we are to be able to offer craft beer on Sado Island.

From the time we opened until today, many people on Sado Island have discovered the taste of craft beer. Even people who don't like traditional local beer enjoyed the craft beers that we had at t0ki brewery.

We will continue to challenge ourselves in search of flavors that can only be found on this island.

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