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January 2022

Hi everyone, long time no see. One month has passed since the beginning of 2022, how was the start of the year?

As we announced at the end of the year, t0ki brewery is gradually preparing to deliver delicious craft beer to everyone, including starting test brewing in January and installing new equipment.

So, here is today's topic.

  • Test brewing begins in January
  • Introducing the beer currently being test brewed [American Pale Ale / West Coast IPA]
  • 1/22 <Gyoza x Craft Beer> Event held
  • That machine has finally arrived...!
  • Future schedule

Test brewing starts in January!

A pot full of malt is soaked in warm water.

As we announced on social media, we started trial brewing craft beer in January.

We are brewing new craft beers every week, and are currently experimenting with several types of beer at the same time. We would like to introduce some of the craft beers we have prepared below.

[American Pale Ale]

Hop: Mosaic/Citra

Malt: Pilsner Malt / Vienna Malt / Wheat Malt

American Pale Ale with a small amount of flour added. I make it so that it has a yellow, white, cloudy, and delicious color. In the future, we plan to make this using flour from Sado.

Furthermore, we will evolve this style and create an ``IPA'' that many people are looking forward to.

【West Coast IPA】

Hops: Citra/Mosaic/Idaho Gem

Malt: Pilsner/Crystal Maple

West Coast IPA with 5% alcohol using 3 hops. Using Pahto hops gives it a refreshing bitterness.

This West Coast IPA is the first brewed in this brewing process. We are currently adjusting the equipment and water quality so that we can deliver delicious craft beer to everyone.

Also, as soon as the craft beer that was being test brewed was completed, it was secretly connected to the tap at t0ki brewery. Those who can drink it are lucky!

We are currently adjusting the taste, so we don't have it on tap all the time, so we are offering it without announcing it on social media. If you're lucky enough to come visit, you might be able to drink some...?

January 22nd [Gyoza x Craft Beer] event held

Glass of madder beer and gyoza

Although "Toki and Sake" was closed this month, we held a "Gyoza x Craft Beer" event. It was a collaboration event with Oni Cafe, a popular shop in Sado that we always host for events.

Oni Cafe will serve piping hot, freshly made gyoza and the famous Onikin, and we will have Reverberatory Beer's Gyoza Session IPA, a beer that goes well with the gyoza.

Many people came to visit us even though it was snowing! Due to the spread prevention period, we refrained from eating and drinking inside the restaurant, but we are glad that you were able to enjoy your meal at home.

Future schedule | Regarding business during the spread prevention period

A giant wooden box that occupies the path of the brewery

Future schedule

The cheat machine was safely delivered to the factory the other day, so we are finally ready to deliver t0ki brewery's beer to people outside the island.

The main brewing in large tanks, which was scheduled to start on January 28th, is currently scheduled to start about two weeks later as equipment is being adjusted.

The approximate schedule for the future is as follows. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Recent activities

[About operations during the spread prevention period]

As many of you may know, priority measures to prevent the spread of the virus were recently applied to Niigata Prefecture. Therefore, in line with priority measures to prevent the spread of the virus, t0ki brewery has also changed its business hours as shown below.

*Spread prevention period: January 21st (Friday) to February 13th (Sunday) (may be extended depending on government policy)

【business hours】

Friday: 16:00-20:00

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 12:00-20:00

Also, during the above period, beer will be available for takeout only. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Enjoy beer time in a warm home!

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