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CODE v2.1

  • Style: West Coast IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Carapils
  • Hop: Vic Secret, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Pahto
  • Yeast: BRY-97
  • ABV: 6.0%


Gulp and feel refreshed. I sit on the beach and watch people having fun. Children playing in the sea, and a man and woman having fun chatting. The summer sun is harsh, and my light IPA empties in an instant. It was a clear day without a cloud in the sky, and IPA was in the air again. IPA is the best, and you can enjoy it endlessly with the scent of the sea.


CLEAN CODE has become a free code 💻 The changes are hops and alcohol content. The alcohol content was lowered to 6.0, and the hops were mainly Simcoe and VicSecret, and finished with Citra and Mosaic 🌿While emphasizing the aroma of pine, we aimed to fuse it with the dry finish that was characteristic of CLEAN CODE 🍍 We will create an IPA with a little less bitterness that you can gulp down for summer 🍺


CLEAN CODE is a book that teaches you how to write clean code. When it comes to beautiful code, just like building a building, there is a beautiful code design that is easy for humans and programmers to use and change. CLEAN CODE was taken from there. The reason why I named it Tada no CODE was because of my declaration that I would go from the protection of Shuhari to Ha. We will take care of the basics, but we will create beautiful IPAs with more freedom and boldness. Please look forward to future Tokiburu!

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May 18, 2024


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May 8, 2024


Lilyについて Lilyは新潟県佐渡島に自生するトビシマカンゾウ(ユリの花)の香りを、そのまま味わっていただくことを目指したノンアルコールドリンクです。そのため原材料はシンプルに。トビシマカンゾウ以外はレモ...
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