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Elixir v1.0

  • Style: SMaSH Blonde Ale
  • Malt: Pilsner
  • Hop: Elixir
  • Yeast: LalBrew VOSS
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Ingredients: malt, hops, carrageenan


With a beer in hand on the sandy beach under the scorching sun 🍻


I tried brewing a blonde ale to make a beer that doesn't use (that much) hops ☀️ I brewed it with the aim of creating a dry ale that you would want to drink on a sandy beach made on the west coast of the United States ⛱ I used hops experimentally. Select Elixir. I aimed for a beer that would make you forget about the heat of the scorching sun and recover after drinking it.The saccharification temperature was set low, and the saccharification time was doubled to achieve a dry finish. We also add a large amount of yeast. I think the fruitiness and sourness from the yeast, graininess from the malt, and strong carbonation combine to create a nice finish.


Elixir is a good name for a hop. This is what that game is about. Everyone saves it until the end and ends up not using it. Because it's a waste. It's okay if you drink a lot of this Elixir and get your HP and MP to full capacity.

You can download A4 promotional materials from here .
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Jul 13, 2024


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