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Regarding return schedule and details

hello everyone.
We apologize for the delay in shipping your return. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who are looking forward to it, even though it is affected by the coronavirus.

We have started brewing and are now ready to can beer. I also think that the quality of craft beer has reached a point where it can be served to everyone (although there are still many issues with packaging and balance issues).

Therefore, due to the delay in returns, we have changed the expiration date and content of return gifts in the following items, so please take a look.

[Items listed]

  • Regarding the contents of the craft beer we will send (changed to offer two types of West Coast IPA)
  • Regarding coupon code provision for EC sites
  • Regarding first batch all-you-can-drink
  • Regarding logo glasses (no change)
  • Regarding stickers (subject to change)
  • Regarding Henjin Mokko's sausage (subject to change)
  • Regarding sauna usage tickets (subject to change)
  • Regarding name publication on website and brewery (subject to change)
  • Regarding limited members
  • Regarding sending returns
  • From the representative to everyone

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