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November 2022

November 2022

Hi everyone, long time no see.

My name is Yui and I am in charge of public relations for t0ki brewery!
Today we will talk about topics from April to October and upcoming events.

It's been half a year since we lifted the ban on home-brewed beer in April!
Are you enjoying t0ki brewery's craft beer?
We also have new information regarding crowdfunding.
I would appreciate it if you could check it out!
You can check the crowdfunding details from the URL below.

▼t0ki brewery crowdfunding page

Start shipping return coupon tickets

This is a notice to everyone who cooperated with crowdfunding.

In conjunction with the reopening of the official website and EC site, we have started sending out coupons that can be used on the EC site!
You can use it for shopping worth 2,500 yen, so we hope you enjoy t0ki brewery's craft beer. There is no expiration date.

Official HP/EC site renewed

We have renewed t0ki brewery's official homepage and EC site!

Here are some of the added features.

① EC site function release

We are finally starting EC sales!
However, this item is currently out of stock, so please wait for a while until it is restocked.

② Added a page of stores where you can drink and buy

This page introduces liquor stores and restaurants that always carry t0ki brewery products. Although it may not be available due to inventory shortages, this is a store where you can purchase t0ki brewery's craft beer at any time, including new products.


③Add t1ckers page

At t0ki brewery, we call our supporters t1ckers (friends who walk together with us), and we will introduce them on this page. We would like to thank t0ki brewery for those who supported us through crowdfunding, those who collaborated with us to make craft beer, those who helped us at events, and those who liked t0ki brewery's craft beer after drinking it. We're always looking for people to enjoy craft beer with!


④From QR code to beer explanation

You can now easily read the beer description by reading the QR code displayed on the label. You can view it, including past versions!

Introduction to home-brewed craft beer

We would like to introduce the home-brewed craft beers that we have offered so far.

There is no standard at t0ki brewery. In the future, we will continue to brew craft beers tailored to these needs. We hope you can find your favorite style and taste.

▼All 7 types of home-brewed craft beers offered so far

Clean Code v1.0-rc.Idaho Gem

  • Style: West Coast IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Crystal Maple
  • Hop: Idaho Gem, Citra, Mosaic, Pahto
  • Yeast: American Yeast

We combined an unusual hop called Idaho Gem with the golden combination of Citra and Mosaic. It uses a bittering hop called Pahto, and is characterized by its sharp bitterness. The fruit candy-like scent from Idaho Gem, combined with Citra/Mosaic, makes you feel like you're drinking refreshing hop juice. This IPA is perfect for drinking on the pier in Sawada.

Clean Code v1.0-rc.Vic Secret

  • Style: West Coast IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Crystal Maple
  • Hop: Vic Secret, Citra, Mosaic, Pahto
  • Yeast: American Yeast

CLEAN CODE is an IPA that combines Citra/Mosaic + interesting hops. This time, we combined Australian Vic Secret hops with the golden combination of Citra/Mosaic 🐨 We use a bittering hop called Pahto, which has a sharp bitterness 🍺 A scent like pine resin 🪵 and pine 🍍 that comes from Vic Secret However, when combined with Citra/Mosaic, the result is a classic, yet fruity West Coast Style IPA. It's the perfect IPA to drink on the pier in Sawada 🌆

Refactor v1.0

  • Style: West Coast IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Maris Otter, Flaked Wheat, Carapils
  • Hop: Simcoe, Citra, Centenial, CTZ
  • Yeast: English Yeast
  • ABV: 7.0%

A cloudy IPA that everyone loves. The addition of Flaked Wheat gives it a beautiful yellow color mixed with Pilsner and Maris Otter. In addition to the banana-like ester aroma from English Yeast and the wheat aroma from Flaked Wheat, the dry hop of Simcoe and Citra gives it a very fruity finish. However, it is not as heavy as Hazy IPA and disappears easily. How about having a drink on the waterfront of Lake Kamo while looking out at Mt. Kinpoku?

Sanosuke IPA v1.0

  • Style: Wheat IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Carapils
  • Hop: Koharu, Wakatu, Cashmere
  • Yeast: American Yeast
  • ABV: 6.0%

Atsuko Ogawa x t0ki brewery collaboration beer 🍺First collaboration with Acchan, who is active on Sado Island 🕊️ The label design is of course handwritten by Atsuko Ogawa ✏️ The recipe is inspired by her pet cockatiel, Sanosuke 🦜 Sanosuke has a rare white face So, we created a cloudy IPA that uses plenty of wheat. Added NZ hops Kohatu and Wakatu to the wheat base. By adding Cashmere as a dry hop, we added lemon 🍋 herbs 🌿 and a silky mouthfeel 🪶.
The bitterness that competes with wheat is kept to a minimum, the aroma is boosted with hops, and the finish is balanced with malt. Sanosuke IPA is something that even people who don't like bitter IPA can enjoy.

Mano Machine v1.0

  • Style: Hazy IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Rye
  • Hop: El Dorado
  • Yeast: American Yeast
  • Others: Flaked Oats, Lactose 

t0ki brewery's first Hazy IPA is a light hazy El Dorado single hop 🌿 El Dorado has a unique white peach-like scent, and the body is modest and easy to drink 🍻 Mano Machine experimentally adds hops. To go. Added El Dorado single in v1.0, Citra and Vic Secret in v1.1. In v2.0...❓We hope you enjoy t0ki brewery's Hazy IPA, which is gradually evolving❗
We have also adopted a newly created simple experimental label ✨ We are planning to design a new cool label in v2.0, so please look forward to it 🌌

Mano Machine v1.1

  • Style: Hazy IPA
  • Malt: Pilsner, Rye
  • Hop: El Dorado, Citra, Vic Secret
  • Yeast: American Yeast
  • Others: Flaked Oats, Lactose

MANO MACHINE's second batch v1.1 adds Citra and Vic Secret to the base El Dorado🍻The amount of dry hops has also been doubled, resulting in a more hoppy and complex aroma🍊Sweet body Strong hop feel from dry hop. It has a juice-like finish 🍹
Just like last time, we have adopted a newly created simple experimental label ✨In v2.0, we are planning to use rice malt made into amazake instead of dry hop. The style is Amazake Hazy IPA. Please look forward to this too❗

Bootloader v1.0

  • Style: Strong Pale Ale
  • Malt: Pilsner, Crystal Maple, Wheat, Mela Beech, Munich
  • Hop: El Dorado
  • Yeast: English Yeast, Wine Yeast
  • ABV: 8.0%

A high-alcohol, tropical pale ale. Instead of making the malt more complex, the hops are simply El Dorado. The aroma of malt, aroma of hops, and sweetness from alcohol make this beer irresistible for alcohol lovers.

Toki Brewery is a brewery that has been making craft beer for about a year.
Aiming to create even more delicious craft beer, we brew through trial and error every day. I hope you enjoy the changes and growth!


Toki and Sake -SADO SUMMER FESTIVAL- is held!

Toki Brewery has been holding an event called "Toki and Sake" once a month.
In August, we further expanded the scale and held the "Toki and Sake SADO SUMMER FESTIVAL." The caravan event traveled to four venues on Sado Island over nine days, allowing many people to enjoy new alcohol, gourmet food, and culture both on and off the island.

At the Toki Brewery venue, you can compare craft beers from both on and off the island, and find gourmet food that goes well with alcohol. At the HOSTEL Perch venue, we distributed free drinking comparison tickets for new adults in conjunction with the coming-of-age ceremony, giving them an opportunity to learn about ``really delicious sake.''

The photo below shows the event at the Kitazawa Flotation Plant venue. Many people came to the event as it was a rare event where you could enjoy alcoholic beverages in front of a spectacular view that has been described as ``the world of Laputa.'' The fourth venue, ``Aiport Sado,'' hosted a tournament for Finland's national sport, ``Morukku,'' which was a lively event.

Toki and Sake in Sapporo & Tokyo held!

We held a Toki and Sake trip in Sapporo on October 21st and in Tokyo on October 23rd.

In addition to craft beer in Sapporo, CACAO CLUB sells chocolate and HOSTEL Perch sells rice grown in Sado. Despite the cold Sapporo nights, more people than expected came, and Toki's beer sold out quickly! It was a very exciting day.

In Tokyo, in addition to t0ki brewery, popular Sado Island restaurants such as HOSTEL Perch, CACAO CLUB, T&M, and Soba Mozaemon are gathered together. This was an opportunity to deliver the charm of Sado Island to those who have difficulty visiting Sado Island. We had many visitors, including people from Sado Island, people who love Sado Island, as well as people who had never been to Sado Island, and we received happy comments such as ``It made me want to go to Sado Island.''

Toki Brewery not only makes craft beer, but also plans to hold various events in the future to spread the deliciousness of craft beer and its culture, and to let people know about the charm of Sado Island. looking forward to!

▼We have put together a video of the event in Tokyo!

Event store opening schedule in November

In addition to ibis and sake, we plan to open at events both on and off the island and offer craft beer.

This month we will be opening multiple stores at off-island events, so if you can't make it to Sado Island, please take this opportunity to come and enjoy some of Toki's craft beer. We'll be expecting you!

[November event]

11/3: Toki and Sake Sa Meshi x BEER

11/4: Demon Banquet @ Oni Cafe

11/12-13: Niigata SAKE Fair

11/19-20: Nagaoka Craft Beer Festival


11/27: Umami Marche

About brewery operations

The brewery is currently open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In addition to Toki Brewery's craft beer, we offer a variety of guest beers that change daily. You can watch the brewing process while drinking craft beer poured from the tap, or you can enjoy takeout with a plastic bottle. Enjoy it wherever you like depending on your mood. We also sell canned craft beer from time to time.

【business hours】

Friday: 16:00-21:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 12:00-21:00

*You may bring in snacks and food. The brewery only sells nuts.
*Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.
*Please cooperate in taking your trash home with you.

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