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March 2022

Hi everyone, long time no see.
Today we will talk about topics from February to early March, as well as upcoming events and brewing schedules.

And finally, the main brewing starts today!
In order for everyone waiting there to enjoy it, we would like to report on the process of creating craft beer on the crowdfunding site ``CAMPFIRE''.
Of course, there are those who have supported us, but there are also those who have not, so if you are interested, please check the URL below.

t0ki brewery crowdfunding page

Introducing the craft beers offered in February

Beer list

▼All 8 types of craft beers offered at the taproom in February

“Onigoroshi IPA” – Reverberatory Furnace Beer “Yuzu Doraku” – HOP KOTAN
"Piro's Dream" - AJB CO.
"ZAWO IPA" - Yonezawa Jacks Brewery
"Opportunistic" - HOP KOTAN
"Sauvinium" - HOP KOTAN
"Raspberry Saison" - Yonezawa Jacks Brewery
“Lawless Zone” – HOP KOTAN

Our IPA in a plastic bottle

Since February, we've been offering craft beers in our taproom that are being brewed on a trial basis. By announcing it on SNS, we were able to have a lot of people enjoy it.
During the spread prevention period, only takeout was available, so some people enjoyed the prototype beer at home and sent their impressions on social media.

Production of tags for commercial barrels

thinned wood We were asked to create tags to attach to barrels for the sale of wholesale craft beer.
The wood for the tag is the ``Atebi'', the city tree of Sado.
This sale will be a little later, but we will prepare it in order, so please wait a little longer.

Updated taproom entrance sign

thinned wood The sign at the taproom entrance has been slightly updated.
t0ki brewery's commitment is to do DIY things that we can make with our own hands.
In addition to the interior design and store decorations, we also construct the systems and equipment used to make craft beer.
This signboard is actually an homage to a programming language, can you tell?

Unveiling of cheating machine

thinned wood As I mentioned in an email the other day, the cheat machine has arrived at the brewery and we have finally completed the installation and trial run successfully.
As soon as this brewed craft beer is completed, we would like people outside the island to enjoy it, starting with those who supported us through crowdfunding!

Finally, the main brewing begins! Future schedule

thinned wood

Today, we finally started brewing.
We will send this beer to everyone who supported us as a return for Kurafan!
Therefore, we will be posting activity reports once a week on the crowdfunding site ``CAMPFIRE'' to keep up with our brewing process, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Additionally, since Niigata Prefecture's spread prevention period ends on March 6th (Sunday), the taproom will not only be offering takeout, but will also be offering craft beer at the taproom's bar counter starting on March 11th (Friday). We are restarting the offer.
You can also bring your own snacks!
*Please only take your trash home with you.

【business hours】
After March 11th Friday: 16:00-22:00 Saturday and Sunday: 12:00-22:00

▼Latest schedule

On April 17th, we will be participating in an event hosted by Sado's chocolate factory "CACAO CLUB".
With artists in attendance and many participating stores, this is a one-day event that you can enjoy, so please come and see us!

【event information】

-Mebae- [A festival where you can encounter food, songs, paintings, plants, etc.]

Date and time: 2022/04/17 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
Location: Ushi CACAOCLUB 1100 Utsuba, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture 952-0704

▼Participating stores (OPEN|10:00-16:00)

  • Oni Cafe (Onikin/wildflower craft drink)
  • Silt (plant)
  • dAb COFFEE STORE (coffee & baked goods)
  • t0ki brewery (craft beer)
  • mountain△grocery (vegan baked sweets using Sado ingredients)
  • Deli Yaji (Yakitori & Yakitori bowl/Sake)
  • LOVERTH (vegan delivery box)

[LIVE held! ]

Performer “Phoka”
Performance time: Part 1 11:00-12:00, Part 2 16:00-17:00
Admission fee: 1,500 yen each


Folk singer. She started singing while traveling in 2009, and started performing live immediately after.
Along with his guitar, he sings songs born from his experiences during his travels and his daily thoughts, songs in foreign languages, old Japanese songs, etc. with his unique soft voice.
After 10 years of traveling, he now lives near the sea and is engaged in music activities.

Release _ “Light” 2013 / “Record” 2019
Participating works _ EVIS BEATS “Musuhi” “HOLIDAY” / yurai “Inochi no Shima~manafune”

  • official web ...
  • Instagram ... @phoka
  • spotify... phoka
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