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December 2022

December 2022

hello everyone!

I'm Yui, the public relations officer for t0ki brewery!
Today we will tell you about the topics for November and the events for December 🔥

Regarding coupon shipping and online sales

The product is currently out of stock on the e-commerce site.
Due to this, the coupons have not yet been shipped (we apologize for the frequent delays...).
Last week, we finally completed canning CLEAN CODE v1.0-cashmere and MANO MACHINE v1.2. We have enough stock for this item, so we expect to be able to sell it on the EC site within this month.

CLEAN CODE v1.0-cashmere

CLEAN CODE is an IPA that combines Citra/Mosaic + interesting hops. This time I combined it with Cashmere from the US🇺🇸
From v1.0-Vic Secret, we continue to use a bittering hop called Pahto, which has a sharp bitterness🍺
I've been using Cashmere since SANOSUKE IPA, and it has a unique melon-like aroma.
When used in dry hops, it has a bit of a smell, so I added a little to the dry hops during whirlpool hopping and fermentation.
Finishing dry hop is only Citra/Mosaic 🌿
Starting with this version, we have adjusted the pH of the mash to bring out the aroma of the hops (we had previously adjusted the water quality, but we added pH adjustment using sour malt).
As a result, it seems like I added a little too much hops...😭
The result is a West Coast Style IPA with quite a bit of hops, rather too much.
Wouldn't it be nice to drink an IPA while watching the rough waves of the Sea of ​​Japan?


As announced in MANO MACHINE v1.2, we added rice malt❗️
Instead of lactose, we use rice malt, which is made into koji amazake.
I added it in the latter stages of fermentation, but basically the sugar is eaten by yeast and turns into alcohol 😭
Unlike the previous MANO MACHINE v1.1, this is a dry, hazy IPA. Along with this, the finishing dry hop has also been changed to BRU-1/Citra🌿
BRU-1 is a hop with a strong pineapple aroma, described as True Pineapple Flavor.
It's a Hazy IPA that you can gulp down, so please drink while enjoying the difference from the last time 🍻
It's good whether it's sweet or dry... We're making adjustments for v2.0.

We sincerely apologize for the delays in shipping coupons, selling on e-commerce sites, etc.
Currently, recipe creation, brewing, shipping, external sales, event openings, and expansion of the brewery (I'm actually thinking of expanding the brewery🍻I'll write about it in detail in my next newsletter) are all handled by the owner alone. . We are a small brewery, so we hope you will watch over us with warm eyes. Even in such a situation, I try to write a message by hand, so there are various delays 😭

Opening stores at events all over the prefecture!

[November event]

11/3: Toki and Sake Sa Meshi x BEER
11/4: Demon Banquet @ Oni Cafe
11/12-13: Niigata SAKE Fair
11/19-20: Nagaoka Craft Beer Festival
11/27: Umami Marche

In November, we opened at events not only on Sado Island, but also in Niigata City, Nagaoka City, and other parts of the prefecture.

Thank you to everyone who came!
We are planning to hold an event this month as well.
More details at the end of the article...!


We have started offering a new home-brewed craft beer “BOOTLOADER”!

BOOTLOADER is a high alcohol, tropical pale ale❗️
Instead of making the malt more complex, the hop is simply Mosaic. 🌿 v1.0 had a high alcohol content and was an El Dorado single, but in v1.1, the alcohol content was reduced to 7.0% and the hop was changed to Mosaic. .
The goodness of Mosaic, the complexity of malt, and the tropical ester aroma of English Yeast give it a fruity and easy-to-drink finish 🍊The malt aroma, hop aroma, and sweetness from the alcohol make it a finish that alcohol lovers will not be able to resist. 🍻

Style: American-Style Strong Pale Ale
Malt: Pilsner, Crystal Maple, Wheat, Mela Beech, Munich
Hop: Mosaic
Yeast: English Yeast
ABV: 7.0%

BOOTLOADER is a craft beer that is easy to drink and brings out the aroma of hops. BOOTLOADER will continue to be a series where you can enjoy different hops. Hops are evolving rapidly, and a variety of experimental hops are born every year. We will make these into a series that you can drink as soon as possible. Enjoy the fact that just changing the hops can make such a difference ❗️

The other day, we received a very nice postcard from a customer who purchased BOOTLOADER v1.1.
It seems that people are enjoying various pairings, and BOOTLOADER v1.1 goes well with fish dishes and oden!
Please try it 🍻


Event store opening schedule in December

We will be holding an event in December too 🔥
For those who are interested but Sado Island is quite far away, we hope to be able to deliver t0ki brewery's craft beer through the event!

We are also planning to participate in an event in Tokyo this month 🗼
An event called "Obanzai Club (tentative)" will be held at Loftwork in Shibuya from 7:30pm on Tuesday, December 20th.
It's an event where you can enjoy socializing casually over obanzai, and this time you can enjoy dishes made with Tokamachi's special products.
And surprisingly, a cold yellowtail dismantling show was also held 🐟
The cold yellowtail and obanzai delivered directly from Sado are sure to go well with craft beer!

Fujiwara, the owner and head brewer of t0ki brewery, will appear as a guest at this event, and Wataru from Hostel Perch will also be participating.
Let's talk about Sado Island, craft beer, and gourmet food in the middle of Tokyo 🍻

Tickets must be purchased in advance.
Please check this out for details.

We will be posting event details on SNS, etc. in the future, so please check it out!

[December event]

12/10.17: "Totonou December" Mushizaki year-end party @Merepare silkworm

12/20: Obanzai Club (tentative) @Loftwork (Shibuya, Tokyo)

12/24: Toki and Sake Christmas Event @Hostel Perch

About brewery operations

There are only a few days left in 2022...

Business will be open until December 25th (Sunday) 🎄
Please note that we will be closed for the year-end and New Year holidays after that.
In addition, we will be open for business in the new year from January 6th (Friday)!

In addition to Toki Brewery's craft beer, we offer a variety of guest beers that change daily. You can watch the brewing process while drinking craft beer poured from the tap, or you can enjoy takeout with a plastic bottle. Enjoy it wherever you like depending on your mood 🍻 We also sell canned craft beer from time to time.

【business hours】

Friday: 16:00-21:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 12:00-21:00

*You may bring in snacks and food. The brewery only sells nuts.
*Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.
*Please cooperate in taking your trash home with you.

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